Humzo Shamoo School

In February 2016 I visited Humzo Shamoo village in Sindh province with Indus Earth Trust – an NGO in Pakistan working to alleviate poverty through integrated development.  IET met with the villagers to find out what they planned to do when the village was provided with the means to produce electricity through solar power.   We were told that one of the most urgent needs was for a school, as their school building had become unsafe when part of the wall fell in.


School building at back

As well as money for repairs to the building wall, they need basic furniture including desks for students (who sit 2 to a desk), a desk for the teacher and 2 fans for the summer when the heat becomes unbearable.

When the children were asked ‘who wants to go to school?’ they all raised their hands.


I learned that more girls than boys attend school in these areas because girls are more interested and motivated – boys would rather play.


£1,200 is needed to open the school and for the next generation to have the opportunity to bring themselves and their village out of poverty. It’s a sum that’s out of reach for the villagers, but I feel certain I can raise this, with help. Every penny raised will go directly to the village school fund via Indus Earth Trust.

I am planning several fundraisers over the next few months, including a Sunday lunch in Lewes of Pakistani food cooked by me using family recipes, and a party in London.

Watch this space for info on fundraising events

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