RSL Brookleaze Grant


I recently had the fantastically good fortune to be awarded a Brookleaze Grant by the Royal Society of Literature.  Small and perfectly-formed, it means I can take time out from teaching and translation to research a chunk of my next poetry collection at The Museum of Childhood – and more importantly, to write!  As well as feeling like a huge vote of [royal!!] confidence, I’ll be able to focus and produce work that would otherwise progress at a snail’s pace in the scraps of time between paid work, other projects, kids…   I am so grateful to the RSL.

I almost didn’t apply for this, but alerted by a reminder on my calendar, decided to go for it, with my nose against the deadline.

If you are a writer based in the UK who fits the criteria, I urge you to look into it.   It’s an unusually simple process and as I reasoned, they need to give the money to someone so why not to me?  Why not to you?

The next round of applications will be in Spring 2016 – so put a reminder in your calendar.

Awarded by Royal Society of Literature’s Council, the Brookleaze Grants support writers (novelists, playwrights, poets, short story writers) who need time away from their normal lives – to take sabbaticals from their jobs, for example, or to travel abroad for research – to write.





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