A memento is an object kept as a reminder or souvenir – the word comes from the Latin ‘remember!’.

To choose a memento from a dear friend’s things when she is gone, to continue to use this lamp or that flask, is one of the ways she will live on – in her friends’ memories of shared time with her, in her daughter’s features and beautiful manners…
In something I read and couldn’t find again, a poet talked about our impact on this world, how it reaches beyond our brief lives in the way we effect and change people.
I wanted to tell Annette this, as a consolation perhaps. How it made me think of a pebble (small, dove-grey, flat) dropped in a pond, the ripples it leaves.

2 Responses to Memento

  1. Lourdes says:

    I had to present this unique posting, “Memento Shazea Quraishi” with my own good
    friends on fb. Isimply just needed to distributed ur terrific writing!
    Regards, Ivory

    • Shazea Quraishi says:

      Thanks Ivory, I really appreciate this. i never know if i’m just writing into the void or if anyone is there… nice to know you’re listening. s

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