Poetry pf

I’m very pleased to have recently joined the Poetry pf website where I have 5 poems. The site is a showcase for modern poets, primarily British. Merryn Williams is currently on the home page, and I was interested to read her poems as I’ve been carrying around her translation of Lorca’s selected poems for the past month. Such a pleasure to meet a new poet whose poems speak to you directly. I like very much what she does, which is to speak for others, to inhabit their thoughts.

Each time I go on the site, I discover wonderful poets whose work is new to me. Such a pleasure. Like cake, which i was thinking about today: the pleasure of cake, and what exactly is contained in that pleasure? This wasn’t an abstract musing as I was sitting in the Blackbird bakery at the time, eating an almond croissant and reading Decreation. Life would be paler without cake in it.
Lemon Drizzle cake would be my first choice for an occasion requiring cake, but Blackbird doesn’t do it. So it would be a choice between Lemon Poppy Seed and Stem Ginger. Ten years ago, I would have chosen chocolate, but now it seems too obvious somehow, too heavy.

One Response to Poetry pf

  1. Elena says:

    You know?, I’m not mad on chocolate cakes. They are never my first choice, but I tried once an orange and dark chocolate cake from Black Bird that went straight away top of my cake favorites. The texture was absolutely divine -and the flavour of course, but texture is so important with cakes, isn’t it?

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