Pina Bausch and rain

Last night I saw Pina in 3D at the Ritzy. Beautiful, sad, playful, serious. Full of truth.

I felt I was lifted up and put down somewhere else.

In the film, Pina Bausch says something like ‘some situations cannot be expressed [in words, in anything]… merely evoked.’
Often, what dissatisfies me about my writing is ‘why is it so spare, why not more?’ Perhaps that’s why: words can evoke an image or a feeling or a situation, but what’s most important is what’s not there, but is hopefully/somehow communicated to the reader.

I have often thought of a poem as the tip of an iceberg. Perhaps if I think of Pina Bausch, I might feel less dissatisfied. Perhaps.
I feel so grateful to her, for her vision and what she worked so hard for, the striving.
Important that it was Wim Wenders who made the film. He has the same tenderness for human-ness, also strives for the same things.

I am holding on to the memory of the dancers in the rain, in the water.

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